Why Aren't My Customers Receiving Emails?

Learn how to troubleshoot issues where customers aren't successfully receiving emails sent through iClassPro by looking at several possible scenarios.

Customers are Searching for the Wrong Email Address or the Email was Sent to Spam


  • Emails are showing as "Delivery" in your email blast background task, but the customer is not seeing it. 

Reason: When iClassPro emails your customers, we use a "From" email with the domain of our email servers @ses.iClassPro.com to reduce the likelihood of your email communications ending up in spam folders (email senders that use a "From" email of your choice can be detected as scam email). But don't worry! We use the email address you provided as the reply-to option so that you get the communications when your customers reply directly to an email they receive.

Solution: First, have your customer add the following email addresses to their list of safe senders or contacts (insert your iClassPro Account Name in place of [[AccountName]] to get your custom email):
[[AccountName]]@ses.iClassPro.com - which will be used for transactional/automated emails
[[AccountName]]-notifications@ses.iClassPro.com - which will be used for email blasts

This will help emails from these addresses land in the customer's inbox folder. Second, have the customer check other areas of their inbox such as "Promotions" and spam folders using those email addresses. If all else fails, they can search for emails from the email address above or search using the subject line from your email blast.

Note: We typically assume your customer is familiar with the way their email inbox works. But some services, such as Gmail, automatically sort emails to a customer's inbox into sub-folders like Social, Promotions and Updates. Unless the person knows to look in these sub-folders emails that land there can be easy to miss. Changing where the email lands is usually as simple as dragging and dropping the email into the correct folder labeled Inbox.

Customer Unsubscribed from Email Blasts


  • Only some customers seem to be getting the emails we send out in iClassPro.
  • One particular family is not getting emails sent through iClassPro by our staff.

Reason: If you have a domain based email address on file for your business/location, then it's highly likely your customer has unsubscribed from email blasts through iClassPro. By law, when you send out an email from the Family/Student/Classes/Camps/Staff pages in iClassPro, we must include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email. That is because we have no way of designating whether or not the email you are sending is intended for marketing and all marketing campaigns by law, must have an unsubscribe option. However, it's important to note that customers will ALWAYS receive statements sent from iClassPro via email, because this is specific type of email is a required part of conducting business- so it's a special exception.

Solution: To check whether or not the family has unsubscribed, go to the Families page in iClassPro, click on the edit icon for that family, then click on View More. Under Email Unsubscribe, you will see a checkbox option that will indicate whether or not this family has been unsubscribed. LEGALLY SPEAKING, you should get documented/direct verbal or written confirmation before unchecking the unsubscribe box. Otherwise, this could be considered spamming or harassment if the family has to repeatedly unsubscribe.

Customer's Email on File is Incorrect


  • The customer never receives the emails we send out in iClassPro.

Reason: Their email address is incorrect in iClassPro.  This can be due to a typographical error, or the customer changed their email address and did not update their information in the Customer Portal or notify staff so it could be updated in the Office Portal.

Solution: Start by looking for accidental spaces in the email field before or after the email address. Then, try contacting the customer by phone or in person and confirming their email address information. If you are using email blasts from the Family/Student/Classes/Camps/Staff pages in iClassPro, you can also check to see if the email was able to send, by reviewing a past email that included this customer. But in general, typos can happen... nobody is perfect 100% of the time. And this is probably the issue. Also check for any spaces that might have accidentally been entered before or after the email address (this happens a lot when you copy and paste information).

Customer's Email Address is not Set as the Primary


  • Only the primary email address on the family record seem to be getting the emails we send out in iClassPro.

Reason: All email functions in iClassPro default to only sending to the primary email address on file. However, some functions (such as Email Blasts and Statements) include an option to send it to ALL email addresses on the family record. If staff did not enable this option, the email would have only been sent to the primary email address and it would not have been sent to the other email addresses listed on the family account.

Solution: Always be sure to enable the option to send Email Blasts and Statements to all email addresses on the family record.

Need more assistance?

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