What Do The Payment Status Indicators Mean?

Learn about the various Payment Status Indicators that may be reflected on the Family Ledger. These indicators give you information at a glance regarding the status of a payment that was recorded in the system.

The Family Ledger includes a column for payments that indicates the status of the payment at the time you view it. Possible statuses include:

  • Approved or Completed - designates a successful payment.
  • Disputed - the customer has disputed the payment with the issuer.
  • Pending - designates a payment that has been submitted but has not yet settled.
  • Failed - designates a payment that was declined by the processor or gateway.
  • Requested - an authorization request has been made for the payment, but not yet approved.
  • Request-failed - an authorization request has been made for the payment, but was rejected.
  • Returned - designates an eCheck payment that was returned/declined by the bank.
  • Settled - the payment was successful and the release of funds has been approved by the issuer.
  • Unknown - no payment status has been received from the gateway.


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