How Do I Handle Returned/Declined Check Payments?

Learn how to adjust the family ledger to account for returned or declined Check payments.

Since iClassPro does not integrate directly with your bank, there is always a chance of a check being returned due to reasons such as “Account Closed” or “Insufficient Funds”. All Check payments are considered to be successful at the time they are created.

You should receive an email or other communication from your bank related to any failed Check payments. If you receive such a notification, you will need to manually adjust the family’s ledger to reflect this.

Because iClassPro keeps a record of deleted payments on financial reports for the day they were deleted (and references the deletion on historical financial reports for the day it was originally taken), we recommend recording the reference/check number (if any was assigned), date and amount, then deleting the payment and referencing that data in the Returned Check Fee charge title, such as "NSF Fee - Check [reference/check number] on [date] for [amount]".

This information can be found by clicking the pencil/edit icon next to the payment to be deleted:


If you do not charge a Returned Check Fee, then we recommend creating a family note with this information after deleting the payment so it is available in case there are ever any questions.

After noting the information, you can use the red DELETE button at the bottom of the window to delete the payment.

Deleting the payment will remove the application of the payment from any charges to which it was applied. The charge(s) show an outstanding balance until a new payment/credit has been applied.

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