What is the Class Drops Task?

Learn about the Class Drops task, and how it can be used to drop enrollments with outstanding class tuition charges.

What is the Class Drops task?

Class Drops is a tool that allows you to drop all students by options such as programs, billing schedules, keywords and specific classes. It can also drop students with outstanding class tuition charges so that delinquent accounts do not continue to stay enrolled in place of a customer that is ready to pay for the same spot in class.

Note: It is important to be very careful when using this tool, as this feature could be used to drop all class enrollments account-wide and there is not a way to easily undo this action. To help avoid this scenario, the Drop Amount Due field defaults to a minimum of $0.01 due to be eligible for drops. 

Running Class Drops

Class Drops are performed from the Transactions page. Go to Transactions > Class Drops and follow the instructions below.


  1. (Optional) Choose a class Program to look for accounts with specific outstanding charges
  2. (Optional) Choose a Charge Category to look for accounts with specific outstanding charges
  3. (Optional) Choose a Billing Schedule to only drop students enrolled in that billing schedule
  4. In the Student Active filter, select the type of dates to use and then enter the month, custom date range, or specific date according to the fields provided:

    • "In Month Of": will consider students active at any point within the selected month.

    • "Within the Range Of": will consider students active at any point within the defined date range.

    •  "As Of Date": only considers students who had an active enrollment on the specific date selected.

  5. (Optional) Choose a Keyword to drop only students related to that keyword.
  6. Enter a Drop Date to drop all students at the end of this day.
  7. Enter a minimum outstanding charge amount for class tuitions in the Drop Amount Due Search. (If entered as $0, students without outstanding charges will be included in the drop list.)
  8. (Optional) Use the Selected Classes option to choose only specific classes to be dropped. Once selected, a list of classes will appear. Only students in the classes with a selected blue box will be included in the preview.
  9. (Optional) Use the Only if Overdue option to exclude students with charges that have due dates in the future.
  10. (Optional) Choose to Delete Charge Line Item to remove the class related outstanding charge(s) from the customer's ledger at the time of the drop.
  11. (Optional) Choose whether to Exclude Any Students that Already Have a Drop Date Set. (If your business uses Sessions to drop students automatically on a certain date, this will be all enrollments.)
  12. (Optional) Choose to Send an Email Notice of the Drop if you would like to notify customers of why they are being dropped. Once checked, this option will allow you to edit the Reply to Address and Drop Notice Email Template.
  13. Click Preview. The preview will generate in your background tasks for safe keeping but should open automatically if you do not navigate away from the page.
  14. At the top of the preview, is a Filter Summary. Click Show to review all filters from the previous page.
    • NOTE: The "Total Charges" reflects the total amount for all charges found (i.e., the total amount of charges matching the defined criteria).
  15. Review the customers that meet the qualifications to be dropped from class. Enrollments with a box highlighted in blue will be dropped. If you make corrections to accounts, you must run a new preview to see the changes.
  16. When you are ready, click Process to drop the selected students.

Dropping the enrollments can take some time. You can review the progress of the task in your background task. 

Record Keeping

Once complete, the task status will read "Done" and a down arrow will appear next to the task. Clicking the down arrow will take you to a summary page of all the students that were dropped and the filters used for the preview. To save this information, click Save to CSV. This document will also generate in your background tasks. Once complete, click on the document icon or down arrow to save the file for your records.


  • The Process Result file will include a column noting any errors that may have been detected when deleting charges or dropping enrollments.  You may need to make manual corrections to these entries.
  • If the "Drop Reasons" feature is enabled under SETTINGS>SETUP>CLASS SETTINGS>DROP REASONS, enrollments that are dropped using the TRANSACTIONS>"Class Drops" function will automatically have the Drop Reason assigned as “Class Drops” and the date the Class Drops task was run will be noted in the “Drop Notes” field.


Need more assistance?

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