How Do I Create an Appointment Booking in the Customer Portal?

Learn how to create an appointment booking in the Customer Portal, including the checkout process.

Creating an appointment booking

Clicking the BOOKING button brings up a wizard asking which type of Booking/Enrollment you wish to create:


There will be a separate icon for each Service listed. These images can be assigned by editing the Service under SETTINGS>SETUP>APPOINTMENT SETTINGS>SERVICES. After saving a Service, an image can be uploaded and attached to it.

To create an appointment booking from the Customer Portal, click on a Service name from the BOOKING menu.

If a customer has not yet logged into the system, steps 1-2 below will be reversed. Customers will select the appointment timeslot FIRST, then they will be prompted to log in and select a student to enroll.

  1. Click on SELECT STUDENTS to book the appointment.
    • NOTE: There will be an option to “Add New Student” if the student to enroll does not exist in the system.
  2. Select an appointment from the list of available appointments.
    • When using filters, the “Apply Filters” button must be clicked to save the filters and proceed to reload the appointment list.
    • If editing existing filters, you will also be able to click “Remove Filters” to clear all previously selected filters.
  3. The system will display the APPOINTMENT DETAILS.
  4. Depending on how your Customer Portal's "Appointment Settings" are configured, customers will see one of two options:
  5. Clicking either "Book now!" or "Submit Request" will bring up the "New Enrollment" screen so the customer can select the appointment booking details:
    • Select Days
      • Day of the Week selection
      • Date Selection
        • Timeslots will be listed for all available dates within the specified date range.
          • NOTE: If the appointment was created as "Recurring" with no end date (or with an end date greater than 13 months from the current date) timeslots will only be shown for up to 13 months.
          • Note that dates will be restricted based on the Frequency defined for the timeslot. That is, if the appointment timeslot was created with a "One Time" Frequency, only the date defined for that one occurrence will be allowed.

Once all details have been entered, ADD TO CART to add the appointment enrollments to the Shopping Cart.

Click ADD ENROLLMENTS to add additional enrollments to the Shopping Cart, or VISIT PROSHOP to add Point of Sale purchases. (NOTE: The word "Proshop" will be replaced by the terminology you specified in your Point of Sale for Customer Portal setup.)

Once you are ready to check out and complete the booking process, click PAY NOW.

Checking Out

After clicking PAY NOW, you will be taken to the Shopping Cart. Depending on how your appointment settings are configured, the charge summary will reflect the timeslot(s) for which the customers are being billed.

"Charge for First Active Month" (default behavior):

image (3).png

"Charge for All Appointment Timeslots (Fixed-length Enrollments Only)" :

image (4).png

Ongoing appointment (i.e., no end date specified):

image (5).png

If the booking has no end date or extends beyond the end of the current month, customers will only be charged for the current active month's worth of appointments up front.  A staff member will need to create charges for the remaining timeslots via the Office Portal.

From the Shopping Cart, you will be given options for making your payment.

  1. If the option to "Allow Visitors the Ability to Use Available Account Credits" is enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>FINANCIAL, customers will be given the option to apply existing account credit towards their balance.
  2. If no credit exists or customers do not wish to apply it, they can choose to “Use Payment Method on File” to use their existing autopay method to make a payment.
  3. Unchecking the “Use Payment Method on File” option will allow them to enter new payment details.
    • Checking the option to “Store/Update Payment Method on File” will replace their existing payment method (if one exists), or add the payment method as their default payment method on file (if one does not exist).
    • The "Store/Update Payment Method on File?" and "Opt-In to Recurring Billing" options will be auto-checked based on the status of the "Require save payment method for recurring billing" setting under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>FINANCIAL.
      • If this setting is enabled, the customer will not be allowed to uncheck "Store payment method on file?" (although they will be allowed to request to disable "Opt-In to Recurring Billing").
      • If this setting is NOT enabled, the "Store payment method on file?" and "Opt-In to Recurring Billing" options will appear but will NOT be auto-enabled.
        • If “Opt-In to Recurring Billing” is enabled, the “Recurring Payment Opt In” policy will be displayed and must be accepted to continue. Once accepted, a success message will be displayed, and the family will receive the "Opt-In Confirmation for Recurring Payment" email.
          • This template can be edited under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>COMMUNICATION TEMPLATES>CUSTOMER PORTAL>"Opt-In Confirmation for Recurring Payment."
  4. After making the selection, click PAY NOW to submit the payment and complete the checkout.

Creating an appointment booking using a Punch Pass

When redeeming a Punch Pass via the Customer Portal, customers will be prompted to choose whether they wish to redeem the Pass for a class enrollment or appointment. If an appointment timeslot is selected, the system will create a one-time appointment at the date/time selected when the punch is redeemed.

Sending an Invitation for group appointments

Students who have booked a group appointment will be allowed to invite others to attend, up to the maximum occupancy. To do this:

  1. From the MY ACCOUNT page, click on the "Enrollments" link to view the student's current and future enrollments.
  2. Locate the appointment booking for which you wish to send an invitation.
  3. Click "Invite Group" to launch the "Manage Group Appointment" window.
  4. Enter the email address and name of the student being invited to share the group appointment. (Note that the email address should be the email address used for the family's account, not a personal email address for the student.)
  5. An email invitation will be sent to the specified email address containing a link to follow to accept the invitation.
    • NOTE: After an invitation has been sent, it will be reflected on the "Manage Group Appointment" window as "Group: X/[max enrollment] invited."  Clicking on this option will launch a window listing all invitations that have been sent, along with options to re-send pending invitation(s) and/or remove them.

NOTE: If the recipient is already logged in, they will be prompted to choose a student to share the appointment. If they do not have an account set up in the Customer Portal, they will be required to create one before they can accept the invitation.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).