How Do I Add/Update Categories/Subcategories (Point of Sale)?

Learn about adding and maintaining Categories and Subcategories that can be assigned to Products in the Point of Sale module.

Accessing the “Categories” screen

You can access the “Categories” screen by navigating to SETTINGS>POINT OF SALE>CATEGORIES.

The Categories section provides a list of available categories and subcategories that items can be assigned to for filtering purposes within the sales module. The search box at the top of the screen can be used to search for a specific Category.


You can drag-and-drop Categories/Subcategories to reorder them as needed.

Creating new Categories/Subcategories

Use the “New Category” or “Add Subcategory” buttons to add a new Category/Subcategory.


Uploaded images will be used on the Point of Sale as a visual link to view items assigned to that Category/Subcategory.

Editing existing Categories/Subcategories

Use the pencil/edit icon next to an existing Category or Subcategory to edit the existing details. Expand the “Product Associations” menu to view products associated with that specific Category/Subcategory.


Clicking on the Product will take you to the Product details screen so you can edit/remove the association if needed.

The Point of Sale feature is only available for iClassPro Plus customers. Please visit for more information about this service and how to sign up!

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