How Do I Connect the Ingenico iSMP4 to WiFi?

Learn how to connect your Ingenico iSMP4 Integrated PIN Pad to your local WiFi connection.

NOTE: This document only applies to customers in the United States who are using iClassPro Payment Services.

The Ingenico iSMP4 integrated PIN pad is connected to the internet via a WiFi connection.  There are several steps in order to make the initial connection.

Please complete the following steps carefully: 

  1. Power on the device by pressing the small power button on top right side of the device. (See image below.) 
    • Side_Picture_of_Terminal.jpg
  2. Wait for the start-up splash screen.  (Refer to image below that shows the splash screen) and press 2634 and then the Green key.
    • Front_Picture_of_Terminal.jpg
  3. Press 'F' to enter the menu
  4. Press 0 - Telium Manager
  5. Press 3 - Initialization
  6. Press 2 - Hardware
  7. Press 5 - WiFi
  8. Press 2 - Scan Network
  9. Select your Wifi network (Press F2 to scroll down)
  10. Select Home Security by pressing the Green key
  11. Enter your WiFi password
  12. Press 'Green' key on the Priority Screen
  13. Device displays "New Profile OK"
  14. Power OFF the device by pressing the power button on the top-right side of the device for about 3 seconds. 
  15. Power ON the device pressing the small power button on top right side of the device.

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