What is iClassPro Live?

Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about iClassPro Live, including hardware/software requirements, cost, and how it can help you stay connected with your parents!

What is iClassPro Live?

iClassPro Live is a monthly subscription service that allows parents to watch their student’s class from anywhere using our safe and secure online video streaming solution!

By logging into your password-protected Customer Portal, parents can select a live stream to view and watch their student in real time and see what is going on in class without having to be in the room. (NOTE: iClassPro LIVE only allows parents to stream during a class their student is enrolled in.)

Live streaming is a powerful tool that extends far beyond keeping parents connected to their students when in class; it also keeps you covered when it comes to:

  • Providing a new revenue stream for your business
  • Accountability & transparency with parents
  • Minimizing personal & business liability
  • Helps eliminate blind spots
  • Promoting social distancing within your building
  • Distraction-free teaching
  • Safe and secure video streaming
  • Number of active live streams is limited only by the bandwidth at your location

What are the hardware/software requirements?

  • iClassPro Software - iClassPro LIVE works hand-in-hand with our software and is available to all iClassPro subscribers.
  • High Speed Internet Connection - Like iClassPro, iClassPro LIVE is a web-based video solution that requires internet connectivity. Recommended bandwidth is 3-6 Mbps per stream.
  • iPhone, iPad, Android devices, computer-connected webcam - works with existing tablets and phones (support for WebRTC/security cameras is planned).
    • If you are using an iOS device to stream, you will need to use the latest version of the Safari web browser to access your Staff Portal. Your device needs to be using iOS 11.3 or greater.
    • If you are using an Android device to stream, you can use the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox to access your Staff Portal. Your device needs to be running Android OS 5.0 or greater.

      The Staff Portal URL is https://app.iclasspro.com/staffportal/{ACCOUNT_NAME].

How much does it cost?

With iClassPro Live, there is absolutely no setup fee and since it's a monthly subscription there are no contracts -- you can cancel at any time.

The subscription price will adjust monthly based on the average active student count for the previous 30 days.

See https://www.iclasspro.com/live for full pricing details and signup information.

Is it secure?

Yes! To ensure that live streams are only viewable by families who have students enrolled, we have instituted several security precautions:

  • Live streams are linked to specific locations, so only families with enrollments at that location can view available live streams.
  • Families can only view live streams if their student has an active enrollment on the date they log into the Customer Portal.
  • Live streams are only available during the time frame of the actual class, based on the schedule. (There is a 10 minute pre-class/post-class window, so if the live stream is started early or is running continuously, it is only viewable 10 minutes prior to class time and their viewing session will end 10 minutes after class.)
  • Live streams can be linked to specific Class Programs and/or Levels. Families must have a student enrolled in the specified class program/level in order to view the live stream. 

Additional Notes

  • Expect about a 20-30 second delay between live and what is viewable in the Customer Portal.
  • Live stream can be muted if desired.
  • There are no minimum/maximum number of viewers, so parents logged into the same Customer Portal account can view the live stream from multiple devices if they are not together.

If you are using a cellular failover system (such as Comcast's Cradlepoint Connection Pro), be sure that it is wired and configured properly. Improper setup can cause your network to constantly run on cellular data rather than High Speed Internet, potentially leading to connection issues.

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Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).