Disabling the Customer Portal

By default, your Customer Portal is available at all times from the moment you click “Activate Customer Portal” under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>SETTINGS. Occasionally, you may find there is a reason to temporarily disable access to your Customer Portal.  For this reason, iClassPro has given you the ability to disable it by unchecking both the “Activate Customer Portal” and “Setup Customer Portal” options.

Disabling the Customer Portal will result in parents seeing the message “Our Customer Portal is currently unavailable. Please check back later” when they visit your Customer Portal's URL.

While your Customer Portal is disabled, parents will not be allowed to log in or resume current sessions.  Therefore, no new enrollments, drop/transfer requests, or payments can be made through the Customer Portal until you re-enable these settings. (Staff will still be able to perform all tasks through the Office Portal.)

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