Customer Portal - Creating a Camp/Event Enrollment


Clicking the BOOKING button brings up a wizard asking which type of Booking/Enrollment you wish to create:

There will be a separate icon for each camp type listed. These images can be assigned by editing the camp type under SETTINGS>SETUP>CAMP SETTINGS>CAMP TYPES. After saving a camp type, an image can be uploaded and attached to it.

  • Select the student/students to enroll. (There will be an option to “Add New Student” if the student to enroll does not exist in the system.)
  • If you are not yet logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
  • Upon login, customers will be prompted to read/agree to any Family Policies or any Student Policies that are configured to show on the Web. Once all required policies have been agreed to, they will be taken back to the enrollment screen.
  • After logging in and selecting the student/students, click CONTINUE.
  • The system will display the CAMP DETAILS.
  • Click ENROLL NOW! to begin the enrollment process.
  • Answer any User Defined Questions.
  • If the camp allows parents to choose Days/Camp Blocks, select the blocks for which you wish to enroll.
  • Click ADD TO CART.
  • On the Checkout screen, you can either click ADD MORE ENROLLMENTS to create additional enrollments or click PAY NOW to complete the enrollment(s) and make payment.


After clicking PAY NOW, you will be given options for making your payment:

  • If the option to "Allow Visitors the Ability to Use Available Account Credits" is enabled under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>FINANCIAL, customers will be given the option to apply existing account credit towards their balance.
  • If no credit exists or customers do not wish to apply it, they can choose to “Use Payment Method on File” to use their existing autopay method to make a payment.
  • Unchecking the “Use Payment Method on File” option will allow them to enter new payment details.
    • Checking the option to “Store/Update Payment Method on File” will replace their existing payment method (if one exists), or add the payment method as their default payment method on file (if one does not exist).

After making the selection, click PAY NOW to submit the payment and complete the checkout.

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