Setting Up the Customer Portal

There are two areas that control how your Customer Portal looks and operates.

  • SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>SETTINGS - primarily controls the branding and layout of the Customer Portal.
  • SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>MORE SETTINGS - primarily controls how the system will handle enrollment options.  For full details of this section, see our "Customer Portal - Other Settings" document.


  • Enable Customer Portal – This option will enable/disable the Customer Portal for your account.
    • When enabled, all features of the Customer Portal will be available, including the checkout reservation system.
    • When disabled, customers will see a message that your Customer Portal is currently unavailable.
  • News & Announcements Slideshow – allows you to control which News & Announcement items appear in the slideshow that is displayed on the Customer Portal splash page.
  • Welcome Text - Text entered here will appear as a popup message for all visitors upon accessing the Dashboard. You can also use it to present important information.
  • General – Allows you to reorder and/or customize the images and descriptions associated with the items shown on the main Customer Portal navigation page.
  • Main Links - These appear as cards below the "How may we assist you?" text.
    • Booking - The description and image can be customized; the recommended image size is 600px W x 300px H.
    • My Account - The description and image can be customized; the recommended image size is 600px W x 300px H.
    • News – This image cannot be customized here; description and image are taken from the News item displayed. (See our News and Announcements Feature document for more information.) 
  • Additional Links
    • Hide the “Welcome Information” button.
    • Hide “Find the Right Class” button.
      • External URL to Find the Right Class - entering a URL here will cause the "Find the Right Class" button to redirect the user to an external website rather than using the "Find the Right Class" wizard.
    • Disable "Need help finding the right class/camp?" - If enabled, this option bypasses the “Need help finding the right class/camp?” screen when browsing or creating new enrollments.
  •  Options
    • Require Email Validation for New Account creation – enable this option to require parents to validate their email address during the account creation process.
    • Hide Images on Class List – enabling this option hides branding images assigned to Class Levels and Programs when viewing the Class List.
    • Hide Images on Camp List – enabling this option hides images assigned to specific camps when viewing the Camp List.
    • * Cart Reservation Timeout (Minutes) - This is a number between 5-120 minutes that represents the amount of time that items will be reserved in the cart relative to the time that the most recent item was added. The timer will be reset to this amount of time each time a new item is added to the cart, and when the timer reaches 0, all items will be removed from the cart automatically. 
    • * Cart Reservation Timeout Limit (Minutes) - This is a number between 5-120 minutes that represents the maximum amount of time that a cart can be used from the time that the first item was added. The timer will not reset past this amount of time even as new items are added to the cart.
      • For more information about the Checkout Reservation Timer and how it functions in the Customer Portal and Office Portal, see the “Checkout Reservation Timer” document.
  • Branding
    • Location(s)
      • Global Account Settings – the selected colors/logo/background image/default splash image will be used for all Locations unless Specific Location settings designate otherwise.
      • Specific Location – overrides the Global Account Settings so the selected colors/logo/background image/default splash image will be used for the selected Location. Other Locations will either use their own specific settings or the Global Account Settings.
        • Enable Location-Specific Branding - allows per-Location branding for the selected Location.  If left disabled, the Location will use the Global Account Settings.
          • Reset This Location to Global Settings - removes any branding customization for the selected Location and resets to the Global Account Settings instead.
    • Colors
      • Primary Brand Color - Colors larger sections of the design.
      • Secondary Brand Color - Accents design and strengthens multi-colored branding. The lightness/darkness of this color also helps to determine the color that is automatically selected for text that is displayed.
      • Mobile Brand Color - Colors the mobile app design.
    • Logo – The Logo is displayed at the top of the screen on all Customer Portal pages. The recommended logo image size is 800px W x 600px H.
    • Background Image – The Background Image is displayed in the background during regular Customer Portal navigation. It is the primary image shown on the main Login screen apart from the Logo at the top. The recommended background image size is 1500px W x 1000px H.
      • Remove transparency from background image - A busy background design or a background color that is too close to your text color will make your portal difficult and frustrating to use. To help prevent this, our system automatically limits the background image transparency, which dims the colors in order to compensate.

        If you are completely certain that you want your image to appear in its original form, you can enable the "Remove transparency from background image" setting to allow this. However, please be aware that this may cause issues with the readability of the text.
    • Default Splash Image – The Default Splash Image is displayed when there are no News articles or Announcements to display in the slideshow. The recommended splash image size is 1920 px x 700px H.
      • Splash Title - this is the text displayed over the default splash image.

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