Transitioning to the Customer Portal

The iClassPro Customer Portal will be released on 4/28/2020!  The Customer Portal will provide a number of benefits for you and your customers, including a more intuitive interface, a wizard to help customers find the right class for their student, a Checkout Reservation Timer, and much more!

Enabling and transitioning from the legacy iClassPro Parent Portal to our new Customer Portal couldn't be easier. Once the new Customer Portal is released, there are three stages for the transition:

  • Legacy Parent Portal only: This will be the default state upon release.  The legacy Parent Portal will remain active as it has in the past with your settings and branding intact. However, the legacy Parent Portal will cease to function completely on July 27, 2020, so you'll want to plan to transition as soon as possible to the new platform.
  • "Setup Customer Portal" mode: When "Setup Customer Portal" is selected, the "Enable Customer Portal" option is checked so you can configure the settings.

    During this stage, the new Customer Portal and legacy Parent Portal will operate in tandem while you configure the Customer Portal. However, the Customer Portal can only be viewed in a limited, read-only mode in which some functions are not fully operational (including enrollments and checkout).  Because of this, your customers should still be directed to the legacy Parent Portal until setup is complete.
  • "Activate Customer Portal" mode: when "Activate Customer Portal" is selected, the new Customer Portal takes over.  Your legacy Parent Portal ceases to function and the "Parent Portal" option in your SETTINGS menu will no longer be displayed. Customers using the legacy Parent Portal URL are automatically redirected to the new Customer Portal.

    At this point, you should update any website links or bookmarks to point to the new Customer Portal URL and notify your customers to do the same.

Need More Assistance?

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