How Can I View Policy Information in the Admin/Office Portal?

Learn how t
he implementation of Family/Student Policies within an iClassPro account impacts different areas of the Admin/Office Portal interface and how to use filters/reports to review policy acceptance.

Viewing Policy Agreement Status

To view the current status of all Policy Agreements, go to the Families page, then click the pencil icon next to the family you wish to review. Finally, click on the “Policies” tab at the top of the window. In addition to the family policies, this view also has a section for each student and their current status on each of the current Student Policies.

Default Collapsed View:


The checkmark or X will allow accepting or rejecting from the view, and the print icon will allow printing a current version of the policy.

The "Approve" button will not appear unless the staff member has been granted permission to "Allow Policy Approval/Rejection."   This permission can be granted on a per-user basis by editing their Advanced Permissions, or to an entire User Group under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS>USER GROUPS.

Note: A "No Response" policy will print out with signature lines so the parent can sign a printed copy of the policy.

Student Policy acceptance information is also available on am individual student record by finding a student (from the family record or from the Students page) and editing the student record. Then click on the Policies tab for a more detailed policy view. Here, you can easily search for a specific policy to see the full history of it. The checkmark or X will allow accepting or rejecting from the view, and the print icon will allow printing a current version of the policy.


Manually Recording a Policy Status

From either the family view or student view, a staff member can click on the checkmark or the x to accept or reject a policy on behalf of a customer. The options that are available will depend on what the current status is for that policy. For example, if the policy is accepted the checkmark will be green and the other 2 buttons will be colorless.

PRO TIP! This functionality also allows staff to have active policies that they can keep offline and manually mark as accepted or rejected.  However, if the policy being edited is visible to customers and the customer does access the Customer Portal at a later date, they will still be asked to electronically accept or reject the policy again at that time. 

Whenever a staff member marks a policy as accepted or rejected on behalf of the customer, the entry is updated to reflect the staff member changes and an audit log entry is made.


Available Policy Reports

As with all other reports available from the Reports page, staff members must be given permissions to access available policy reports. This can be done through the staff member’s User Group or Advanced Staff Permissions by granting access to the "Family Policy Agreement" and/or "Student Policy Agreement." 

Policy Report

For those businesses which will be utilizing manual policy agreements, where a physical print copy of the policy is kept on file with a signature, blank copies of policies with signature and date fields can be generated using the following reports:

Policy Agreement Reports

For those businesses which will be utilizing online policy agreements, where policy acceptance is recorded online via the Customer Portal, the following reports can be used to obtain a list of families/students along with details of their accepted/rejection of policies:

  • Family Policy Agreement (FAM-11) - generates a list of families in your database showing the primary guardian, secondary guardian, primary phone number, primary email and a status indicating whether or not they have accepted your Family Policies (and if so, which version).
  • Student Policy Agreement (STU-10) - generates a list of students in your database showing the student name, primary guardian, primary phone number and a status indicating whether or not they have accepted each of your Student Policies (and if so, when and by whom).

Policies Filters in the Admin/Office Portal

For businesses which choose to utilize the policies features in iClassPro, we have also implemented a filter on both the FAMILIES and STUDENTS pages to make it easy to identify which families/students have or do not have policy agreements on file. This feature enables businesses to view who has or has not agreed to all policies, a certain policy or the most recent version of that policy.


For more information about the available Policy Acceptance filters, see our Knowledgebase documents:

PRO TIP! When emailing from the Students page, variables can be used to insert the student’s name so that the customer receiving the email knows which student’s policies needs to be updated. 

Enrolling Students Missing a Required Policy Acceptance

Staff members will still have the ability to enroll a student which does not have all of the required student policy acceptances on file. When creating the enrollment, a pop-up will appear informing the staff member of the missing acceptance and asking if that staff member would like to proceed anyway.


Student Policies Alert Icon for Student Attendance

When viewing student attendance from the classes view, a new policies icon will appear next to students which are missing student policies that are set to require acceptance. It will also appear on class roll sheets. This enables coaches and staff to prompt customers to go online and agree to the latest version of that student policy.


Student Photos and the Special Photo Waiver

For businesses that do not elect to enable the default photo waiver under Settings>Student Policies, there will be no change to the student photo functionality in the Customer Portal or Staff Portal.

If your business has enabled the special Photo Waiver included in your settings, then the agreement status for that student policy will impact whether photos can be displayed or uploaded for any given students in both the staff portal and office portal of iClassPro.

The student photo area will not appear on the student’s profile for any students who have rejected the special photo waiver policy.


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