How Do I Redeem a Punch Pass From the Office Portal?

Learn how to redeem a Punch Pass from the Office Portal.

Selecting a Class

  • From the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page, open the Enrollments View by clicking the Enrollments icon next to the family.
  • You will see a list of Student Passes below the Enrollments listing.
    This view will show:
    • Actions
      • Punch In
      • Suspend Student Punch Pass – disables the selected Punch Pass for the chosen student only. Pass may be unsuspended later if needed.
      • Delete Student Punch Pass – permanently deletes the selected Punch Pass for the chosen student. NOTE: A Pass cannot be restored if it has been deleted.
    • Student
    • Status
    • Pass Name
    • Active On
    • Expires
    • Utilized
  • If there are still Punches available, you can click the ACTION button to the left of the student name to launch the window to redeem.
  • A list of available classes will appear, based on the Pass restrictions and date selected. (Note that the system will always default to the current date).

Redeeming the Pass

  • To redeem a Pass, click the PUNCH IN button to the right of the class to enroll the student for a Single-Day enrollment in the class.
  • The system will automatically create a Single-Day enrollment in the selected class and decrease the number of available Punches available on the Pass.

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