How Do I Redeem/Manage Punch Passes From the Office Portal?

Learn how to redeem a Punch Pass from the Office Portal.

Selecting a Class

  • From the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page, open the Enrollments View by clicking the Enrollments icon next to the family.
  • You will see a list of Student Passes below the Enrollments listing.
    This view will show:
    • Actions
      • Punch In
      • Suspend Student Punch Pass – disables the selected Punch Pass for the chosen student only. Pass may be unsuspended later if needed.
      • Delete Student Punch Pass – permanently deletes the selected Punch Pass for the chosen student. NOTE: A Pass cannot be restored if it has been deleted.
    • Student
    • Status
    • Pass Name
    • Active On
    • Expires
    • Utilized
  • If there are still Punches available, you can click the ACTION button to the left of the student name to launch the window to redeem.
  • A list of available classes will appear, based on the Pass restrictions and date selected. (Note that the system will always default to the current date).

Redeeming the Pass

  • To redeem a Pass, click the PUNCH IN button to the right of the class to enroll the student for a Single-Day enrollment in the class.
  • The system will automatically create a Single-Day enrollment in the selected class and decrease the number of available Punches available on the Pass.

If a student punches in for a class that meets several times throughout a given day (such as Monday from 7pm-8pm and 8pm-9pm), their enrollment will actually be created for ALL of the timeslots attached to the class (due to how iClassPro handles class enrollments).

If the class has multiple meeting times on several different days (such as Monday from 7pm-8pm and Wednesday from 8pm-9pm), then student will only be enrolled for the day they actually punch in.

Managing Punch Passes

If a Staff member has appropriate permissions, they will be able to override punch pass uses remaining or expiration dates from the nested enrollment views under students or families.


  • Expires - can be edited w/appropriate permissions.
    • The new date can never be before the most recently consumed punch pass date.
    • If a punch has already been consumed for a future date, this should be considered the "most recently consumed punch pass date."
  • Utilized - number remaining can be edited w/appropriate permissions.
    • When editing the number of punches available, the number being edited should never be less than the number of punches already consumed (for example, if they've used 5, they should not be able to edit the number to 4).
    • The number of used punches can be clicked. If clicked, this will bring up a punch-in log showing uses by date and class name.

Need more assistance?

Customer support is available at 1-877-554-6776 Mon - Fri, 9 am to 9 pm (CT) and Sat, 9 am to 6 pm (CT).