How Do Customers Redeem a Punch Pass From the Check-In Kiosk?

Learn how to redeem a Punch Pass from the Check-In Kiosk.

  1. The customer will log into the Check-In Kiosk using their phone number or QR code (if enabled).
  2. If students have Passes available, the option to “Use [Pass Name] Punch Pass” will be displayed (where “Pass Name” is the name of the Punch Pass available).
  3. Clicking “Use [Pass Name] Punch Pass” will display a list of classes or appointments that are eligible based on any Pass limitations, along with the number of Punches remaining on the selected Pass.
  4. Click “Punch In” to use the Pass. This will create a Single Day enrollment in the class for the current day and reduce the number of Punches remaining on the selected pass. (If an appointment is selected, the system will create a booking for the student at the selected time.)
  5. A confirmation message will display that the student has successfully punched in for the class.
  6. Click “I’m Done” once you are finished.

If a student punches in for a class that meets several times throughout a given day (such as Monday from 7pm-8pm and 8pm-9pm), their enrollment will actually be created for ALL of the timeslots attached to the class (due to how iClassPro handles class enrollments).

If the class has multiple meeting times on several different days (such as Monday from 7pm-8pm and Wednesday from 8pm-9pm), then student will only be enrolled for the day they actually punch in.

If an appointment timeslot is selected, the student will only be booked for the selected timeslot.

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