How Are Punch Passes Purchased/Sold?

Learn how to sell a Punch Pass to a student via the Point of Sale system in the Office Portal.

  1. From the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page, click the Point of Sale (tag) icon to the left of the name.
  2. Select the appropriate Punch Pass from "All Products" screen or by navigating to the "Passes" category.
  3. If “Priced Per Use”, the system will automatically set the price based on the “Default Number of Uses”. However, you can manually override that amount and the price will adjust accordingly:

    • If a flat price is attached to the Pass, the system will charge that amount:
  4. Click the "Select Student" button to assign the Pass to a specific student.
  5. Click ADD PASS TO CART.
  6. Complete the checkout as usual. 

Because the sale of Punch Passes requires Point of Sale, this feature is only available for iClassPro Plus customers. Please visit for more information about this service and how to sign up!

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