How Do Customers View Punch Passes in the Customer Portal?

Learn how customers can view Punch Card information from the "My Account" section of the Customer Portal.

At this time, customers can only view Punch Pass details from the Customer Portal – they cannot be redeemed. To allow parents to view Punch Passes in the Customer Portal, you will need to enable the permission under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>OTHER SETTINGS>GENERAL SETTINGS>“Show Student Punch Card Passes”.

To view Passes purchased, Pass status and the number of Punches remaining: 

  1. Log into Customer Portal and navigate to MY ACCOUNT.
  2. Click the PASSES icon for the appropriate student:
  3. The system will display all available Passes, separated by student. Used Passes will be indicated by the “# of MAX # visits used” and a visual indicator to show that a Punch has been used (where “MAX #” is the number of Punches purchased).
  4. If a pass is Future-dated or Suspended, it will be indicated as such.

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