How Do I Create and Use Smart/Preset Filters?

Learn about Smart Filters (or Preset Filters) and how to create, edit, delete, or maintain them.

What are Smart Filters?

If you frequently use the same filters to view pages, iClassPro has the ability to save them as a Smart Filter (or Preset Filter)! Active in all main views (Families/Students /Classes/Camps/Skills/Parties/Calendar), Smart Filters are saved on a per-user basis.

Saving/Creating a new Smart Filter

Whatever filters you've set the page to can be saved via the new button at the bottom of the sidebar. pf01.png

When you save a Preset filter, it also stores sort order and limits.

Loading an Existing Smart Filter

After a Smart filter has been saved, simply click the "Smart Filters" button below the search box in the left-hand column to select it. pf02.png

Editing/Deleting/Reordering Existing Smart Filters

Existing Smart Filters can be renamed/deleted/reordered as needed using the “Manage Presets” option.pf03.png

Options available include:

  • Renaming the filter by editing the text field value.
  • Deleting the filter by clicking on the trash can/delete icon.
  • Reordering the filters by dragging and dropping them up or down using the four-headed arrow icon.

After making any changes to your Smart filters, be sure to SAVE your changes.

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