How Do I Review Point of Sale Purchases?

Learn about options for obtaining sales reports or reviewing Point of Sale transactions in the Office Portal.

Available Point of Sale Reports

These reports are available under REPORTS>FINANCIAL

  • Category List Report: List of charges by charge category and charge date. Most frequently used to determine the individuals who were charged using a specific charge category across programs with a list of charge details such as family name, charge date, due date, the title of the charge, the amount charged, tax charged, paid amounts for those charges, and the remainder due.
  • Point of Sale: Sales (FIN-19): generates a list of product sales within a specified date range.
  • Point of Sale: Inventory on Hand (FIN-20): generates a list of products in your system with the amount of inventory on hand as of a specified date.

Using the Point of Sale Transactions Log

The Point of Sale Transactions Log can be accessed under SETTINGS>POINT OF SALE>PURCHASES

This screen lists each Point of Sale transaction in the database along with the date, family name, location, the number of items purchased, subtotal, discounts applied, sales tax, and amount paid. Clicking the down arrow to the right of an entry will bring up details about the sale, including specific products purchased and quantities, the price paid per item and subtotal per product.

The search box can be used to search for a specific transaction by family name. Date range filters are available to limit the results.


Clicking on a purchase record will allow you to view all charges/payments related to a particular purchase.

If an item was on sale at the time of purchase, the actual price paid will be shown with the original price listed as well (designated by a strikethrough).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The PURCHASES screen simply lists the purchases made through the Point of Sale system and were recorded on family ledgers.  It does not reflect whether or not the item(s) actually have a payment applied to them.

You can use the "Return Purchase" button to return a purchase, which refunds the customer and places the item(s) back in inventory. (Note that at this time, POS does not support returning individual line items, only the complete sale).

The Point of Sale feature is only available for iClassPro Plus customers. Please visit for more information about this service and how to sign up!

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