Time Clock Adjustments (STA-7)

Available formats: HTML/PDF/XLS/CSV

The Time Clock Entries Adjustments Report is a list of individual time clock adjustment entries per staff member. The report includes:

  • DATE CREATED: the date the adjustment was created
  • STAFF MEMBER: the staff member whose time was adjusted
  • CREATED BY: the staff member who created the adjustment request
  • STATUS: indicates whether or not the adjustment was approved
  • TYPE: the type of adjustment (new entry, original clock in, etc.)
  • DETAILS: describes the adjustment that was made
  • ACKNOWLEDGED: whether or not the adjustment was acknowledged by the staff member after being processed.
  • COMMENTS: any comments that were included with the adjustment request

Available filters are:

General Filters

  • START DATE/END DATE: the system will only reflect time clock adjustment entries that fall within these days.
  • INSTRUCTOR: select an Instructor to limit the report to only time clock adjustment entries for that specific instructor.
  • LOCATIONS: the system will only include time clock adjustment entries associated with the selected Location(s) in the results.

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