Student Insurable Age Groups (STU-5)

Available formats: HTML/PDF/XLS/CSV

The Student Birthday List generates a report giving a count of the number of students in your database by defined age groups.

NOTE: this report will produce results that are true on the “As of Date” specified in the filters.

Available filters are:

  • AGE GROUPS: allows you to limit results to students in particular date ranges.
    • Enter a “Min” (minimum) and “Max” (maximum) age for the age group, then click “+ Add” to add that age range to the filter box on the right. (Note that overlapping ages will cause students to be counted multiple times. For example, having one age range of 0-4 and another of 4-6 will count all 4-year-old students twice, once in each group.)
    • To remove an age group from the filters, click on an age group in the filter box on the right, then click “X Remove Selected.”
  • AS OF DATE: allows you to specify the date to be used for the purposes of counting enrollments and student ages.
    • All – all students, regardless of enrollment status
    • Active – only students with an active enrollment
    • Inactive – only students who do not have an active enrollment
  • STUDENT IN PROGRAM: select a Program to limit the report to only students with an active enrollment in a class associated with that program. (Because students are only associated with a Program when an active enrollment is present, this filter will not have any effect on the results if the STATUS filter is set to “All” or “Inactive”.)
  • LOCATION OPTIONS: If there is more than one active location on the account, results will only reflect the currently selected location if using the “Active” status. (For example, if you select a status of “ACTIVE”, the student must be active in the selected location to be included in the results.)
    • Include All Locations – select this option to have the system consider enrollments in all active locations, not just the selected location.

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