Policy Report (FAM-9)

Available formats: HTML/PDF

The Policy Report allows you to generate a printable version of your Family Policy.

If you commonly use the same filters when running this report, you can now save them as Presets! Simply load a Preset Filter whenever you open the report page, set your date range and click to generate the report in your preferred format. See our “Preset Filters for Reports” document for more information.

Available filters are:

    • Policy Version – allows you to choose which version of the Family Policy to print. The policies are listed in chronological order, so the current version is always the last one on the list.
    • Policy Type
      • Billing Authorization
      • Policies and Procedures
      • Waiver of Liability

NOTE: Leaving these fields blank will print all policy types related to the most recent version of the Family Policy.

    • Display Signature Line On Report

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