Student Evaluation Report

Available formats: PDF/Email

The Student Evaluation Report allows you to generate a report of student skill evaluations to print or email to parents. This report can be run directly from the FAMILIES, STUDENTS CLASSES or CAMPS page by selecting the results you wish to be included, then clicking the “Reports” icon that appears in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. (For example, selecting specific families would include all students in the family that match your other filters, selecting specific students only includes those students, and selecting specific classes or camps only includes students enrolled in those classes/camps.)

Available filters are:

  • AS OF: selecting a specific date will limit the report to skill evaluations performed as of that date. (This field defaults to the current date)
  • SKILL TREE: selecting specific Disciplines/Events/Skills will limit the report to only evaluations recorded for the selected option(s).
    • DISCIPLINE: automatically selects all Events/Skills included within that Discipline.
    • EVENTS: automatically selects all Skills included within that Event.
    • SKILLS: only the selected skill(s) will be included.

A search box is included to search for a specific Discipline/Event/Skill.  The search results remain nested in their Skill Tree structure, so searching for a Discipline will also show Events/Skills included within the Discipline, etc.

Choosing to generate the report as PDF will create a PDF document containing evaluations for all selected students.

Choosing to generate the report as Email will give you the option to email the evaluation report for each family. Although the system only sends the email to the primary email address on the family’s account by default, there will be an option to send to all email addresses on the family account. The evaluation report will be attached to the email as a PDF.

Important Notes:

  • Choosing to option to email the report will honor the Opt-In email settings. If the family has opted out of receiving Email Blasts, they will not be included when sending the reports.
  • The email that is sent will use the subject “Skill Evaluation Report for [Student Name].”

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