Family Annual Total Receipts Report (FIN-15)

Available formats: HTML/PDF/XLS/CSV

The Family Annual Total Receipts Report can be generated for each family to assist with claiming health and fitness expenses for tax rebates in some countries. The report is similar to an itemized statement showing all students on the account, with fees broken down by Line Item Type (Class or Camp Tuition, Other and Anniversary). Taxes paid are listed as a separate total.

Available filters are:

  • YEAR STUDENT WAS ACTIVE: the system will only show families with students who had an active enrollment within the chosen calendar year.
  • LOCATIONS: If there is more than one active location on the account, results will only reflect the currently selected location if using the “Active” status. (For example, if you select a status of “ACTIVE”, the family must be active in the selected location to be included in the results.)
    • All Locations – select this option to have the system consider enrollments in all active locations, not just the selected location.
  • KEYWORD: select a Family Keyword to limit the report to only families who are associated with a particular Keyword.

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