Students Enrolled But Not Charged (FIN-13)

Available formats: HTML/PDF/XLS/CSV

The Students Enrolled But Not Charged Report is a list of students in your database who show an enrollment for which they have not been charged an associated tuition fee (as determined by your filter settings). The report includes the student name, family name, the number of enrollments they show vs the number of tuition charges, and the class(es) for which they have not been charged.

NOTE: Chosen filters will produce results that are true as of the day you generate the report.

Available filters are:

  • ENROLLMENT ACTIVE DATE: the system will only show students who have active enrollments as of this date for which there is no associated tuition charge.
  • CLASS: select a Class to limit the report to only students with an active enrollment in the class.
  • CHARGE CATEGORY: select a Charge Category to limit results only to students who do not show a tuition charge associated with that charge category for their enrollment.
  • FILTER OPTIONS: allows you to choose a specific Filtering Type for the report results.
    • Families with enrollments without matching charges – looks for students active on the “Enrollment Active Date” who do not have a tuition charge associated with that charge category for their enrollment. (This is the default setting.)
    • Families with more enrollments than charges – compares the number of active enrollments in the family on the “Enrollment Active Date” vs the number of tuition charges on the ledger, then reports those families who have fewer charges than they should.
    • Families with no charges – looks for families who have active enrollments on the “Enrollment Active Date” but who have no tuition charges at all.
  • ALL LOCATIONS: If there is more than one active location on the account, results will only reflect the currently selected location if using the “Active” status. (For example, if you select a status of “ACTIVE”, the student must be active in the selected location to be included in the results.)
    • All Locations – select this option to have the system consider enrollments in all active locations, not just the selected location.

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