Expected Absences Report (CLA-15)

Available formats: HTML/PDF/XLS/CSV

The Expected Absences Report is a list of expected absences which have been entered into the system for classes. within a specified date range. The report includes the Class Name, Date of the absence, Class  Time, number of expected absences, names of the students with expected absences, and information about any trial/makeup enrollments that may be scheduled for that class period.

NOTES: Chosen filters that relate to enrollments will produce results that are true based on the Start Date/End Date you select when generating the report.

Available filters are:


  • START DATE/END DATE: the system will only look at attendance records that fall within this specific date range.
  • CHOOSE PROGRAM: select a Program to limit the report to only classes associated with that program.
  • CHOOSE CLASS KEYWORDS: select a Class Keyword to limit the report to only classes that are associated with a particular Keyword.
  • CHOOSE ROOM: select a Room to limit the report to attendance only in classes that are assigned to that particular room.
  • CHOOSE LEVEL: select a Level to limit the report to only classes associated with that Level.
  • CHOOSE INSTRUCTORS: select an Instructor to limit the report to only classes assigned to the selected Instructor.
  • CHOOSE SESSION: allows you to specify a particular session to be used when considering attendance. (Non-session classes will not be included if you a session is selected.)


  • Displays a list of classes meeting the criteria defined in the “General Filters”. Select one or more classes to limit the report results to only absences in those classes within the specified date range.
  • If there are no specific classes checked, or if all of them are checked, the report will include them all.

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