How Do I Enable the Detailed Settlement Report? (Terminal Help)

Learn how to configure your Ingenico credit card terminal to print a detailed settlement report instead of a batch summary report at the close of each batch.

These instructions are applicable to the following stand-alone, countertop terminals: Ingenico ICT220, Ingenico ICT250, Ingenico Desk 3500

By default, the terminals print a batch summary report at the close of each batch.  Some users prefer to have a batch detailed report which shows each individual transaction instead of total.  

To enable the detailed settlement report, follow the instructions below:

  1. Press the # key
  2. Select Setup Menu
    • If prompted for a password, use "V123456". To enter V, press number 8 and then the F key 3 times until it changes to a V. 
  3. Select Trans Options
  4. Select Settlements
  5. Select Settlerpt
  6. Select Detail

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