How to Submit a Transfer Request Through the Parent Portal

If your facility has enabled the option to request a transfer online, you can follow these steps to submit a transfer request from the Parent Portal:

  1. After logging into your Parent Portal account, click on “Enrollments” in the menu at the left of the screen to view your current enrollments.
  2. Click “View Enrollment” next to the enrollment for which you wish to submit a transfer request.
  3. The “Transfer” request button will be at the bottom of the Class Enrollment details. Click on the button to bring up the “Transfer Class Enrollment” screen.
  4. On the “Transfer Class Enrollment” page, you will be asked to enter a “Requested Transfer Date”. If the transfer request is approved, your student’s new enrollment will begin on the requested date, and their current enrollment will be dropped at the end of the day immediately before.
    After entering the “Requested Transfer Date”, click “Pick Class” to choose the class you wish to submit a request to transfer to.transfer2.png

Picking the Transfer Class:
After clicking “Pick Class,” you will be re-directed to the “Classes” page. The filters and basic operations are the same; however, you will notice the “Enroll” button has been replaced with a button that says “Transfer.”

  1. Click “Transfer” when you find the correct class.
  2. In the next window, you will see the Transfer details— including the current enrollment and the new class.
  3. Please provide an explanation for the transfer request in the “Anything Else We Need to Know?” field.
  4. Click “Complete Transfer.”
  5. If your request was sent successfully you will receive a confirmation email that the request was submitted. 

The request must be approved by a staff member before the drop date will show on the current enrollment and the new enrollment will show. You will receive a second email letting you know if the transfer request was approved or denied.

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