What is the Gymnastics Australia Club Import Report (STU-13)?

Learn about the Gymnastics Australia Club Import Report (STU-13), its filter options, and how to generate it.

What is the Gymnastics Australia Club Import Report?

The Gymnastics Australia Club Import Report has been specially designed to make it easy to export your student information from iClassPro in a format to be imported into Gymnastics Australia.

The report only appears as an option under REPORTS>STUDENTS if “Australia” is chosen as a country under SETTINGS>BUSINESS INFORMATION.

Generating the Report

  • Go to REPORTS>STUDENTS>STU-13 and click the magnifying glass next to the report.
  • Set your status filters. (ACTIVE will pull only students with an active enrollment as of the date the report is run; INACTIVE will pull all students that exist in the account as of the date the report is run regardless of enrollment status.)
  • Select the location(s) to be included in the report output.
  • OPTIONAL: Select a program, class or camp to pull report details. (Leaving this blank will pull all students relative to your status filter.)
  • OPTIONAL: Set the Charge filters to look for students in families with charges created during a specific time period and/or using a particular charge category.
  • Click the button to generate the report in either XLS or CSV format.

When opening the report in Excel, the program will drop any leading zeroes by default, which will cause problems with some entries (such as phone numbers).  To change this option, see the instructions for your specific version of Excel here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/keeping-leading-zeros-and-large-numbers-1bf7b935-36e1-4985-842f-5dfa51f85fe7

Important Notes

  • There is no date filter for this report except in relation to the Charge filters. It will always pull data as of the date it is run if you leave this section blank.
  • When you run the report for the first time, the system will create any student custom fields it needs for the report that do not exist in iClassPro. After they are created, you can input data into these as needed on the Student profile and those fields will automatically populate with data the next time you run the report.

    To input information into these custom fields, go to the STUDENTS page, click the pencil/edit icon next to the student in question, then go to the CUSTOM FIELDS tab to input the information:
  • The name of these custom student fields is very important – if you rename the field or delete one, the system will re-create a new field with the default name. Any data stored in the renamed field will no longer map to the report that is generated; it will use the fields with the default name instead.

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