Priority Registration Mode

Allow customers to “jump to the front of the line” by enabling Priority Registration for your classes! By enabling Priority Registration Mode and associating a particular keyword, online registration can be limited to just specific families. By using a student keyword, you can limit registration to particular students, even if there are multiple students in the family!

Setting up Priority Registration is easy!

  • Set Up and Assign Your Priority Registration Keyword
    Under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>KEYWORDS, create the Keyword you want to use to allow families/students access to Priority Registration (alternatively, you can use any existing keyword as long as it is the correct type). Then, use the “Assign Keyword” tool on the FAMILIES or STUDENTS page to assign the chosen keyword to those particular families/students.

    For detailed information on creating/assigning keywords, check out our “How to Use Keywords”
  • Configure and Enable Priority Registration Mode
    Under SETTINGS>PARENT PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS, click “Enable Priority Registration.” Here you will be given an option to choose the Family, Student or Family/Student Keyword you assigned to those who should have priority registration. There are separate keyword settings to allow/deny registration to classes and camps.

    How it works
    • Family keyword only. A Family keyword can only be assigned to families. If a family does not have the designated keyword assigned, access to registration is denied. If enabled, all students in the family can register.
    • Student keyword only.  A Student keyword can only be assigned to students. If a student does not have the designated keyword assigned, access to registration is denied. If enabled, the student can register. (If no students in the family have the designated keyword assigned, access to registration is denied to the family as a whole.)
    • Family/student keyword. A family/student keyword is one that can be assigned to either Families OR Students. If a family has the designated keyword assigned, all students in the family can register.  If a family does not have keyword assigned, only the student(s) with that keyword can register. (Family keyword assignment will always overrule student keyword settings in this case.)
  • Save Your Settings
    Be sure to click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the PARENT PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS area to activate Priority Registration Mode.

That’s it! The “Priority Mode Message” will be displayed if any user lacks the appropriate keyword designation while Priority Registration Mode is enabled.

To disable Priority Registration Mode and allow everyone to register for Classes/Camps, just go back to SETTINGS>PARENT PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS, uncheck the option to “Enable Priority Registration” and save your settings.

NOTE: If you wish to mass remove the Priority Registration Keyword from Families/Students, see the “Assigning/Unassigning & Using Keywords” section of our “How to Use Keywords” article.

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