How Do I Apply/Redeem Makeup Tokens from the Office Portal?

Learn how to apply or redeem a Makeup Token within the Office Portal, either from the STUDENTS page or from the CALENDAR page (when using the "Stacked" view display option).

How can I tell if a student has an available Makeup Token?

When viewing Makeup Tokens from the Student Profile, there are four different areas:


  • Available Tokens – Tokens that can be used. (This area is expanded by default.)
  • Pending Tokens – Tokens already attached to future makeup enrollments.
  • Expended Tokens – Tokens attached to makeup enrollments that have already occurred. 
  • Expired Tokens – Tokens that have passed their expiration date but were never expended. 

Applying/Redeeming Makeup Tokens from the STUDENTS page

  1. From the STUDENTS page, locate the student for whom you wish to create a makeup enrollment.
  2. Click the “Attendance” icon (checkmark) to the left of the student’s name to open the Attendance view.
  3. Click on “Makeup Tokens.”
  4. Available makeup tokens will be shown. To apply a token and create a matching enrollment, click the “Apply Token” button next to the token you wish to use.
  5. In the “Apply Token” window that comes up, locate the class for the makeup enrollment and click on the class name.
  6. A list of available dates/times will come up. Click “Use Token” next to the appropriate class date/times.
  7. Click “Apply” in the confirmation window that comes up if the information is correct.
  8. The makeup enrollment will automatically be created with the “Makeup” enrollment type. The start and end date of the enrollment will be the same day you chose during the previous steps.
  9. Because tokens are not expended until class attendance is taken, the token moves to “Pending Tokens.” (Once class attendance is taken, it will move to “Expended Tokens.”)

Applying/Redeeming Makeup Tokens from the CALENDAR Page (stacked view):

  1. From the CALENDAR page, click on the class for which you wish to create the makeup enrollment.
  2. Click "Enroll Student."
  3. Search for the student by last name/first name.
  4. Select the student in the results by clicking the box to the left of their name and then click "Continue Enrollment."
  5. Choose the "Make UP" enrollment type.  The Start Date and End Date will automatically fill in with the class date you have chosen from the calendar.
  6. An indicator will also appear showing if the student has any makeup tokens available. If you continue with the enrollment, the makeup token with the oldest creation date will automatically be applied to the enrollment. (If no tokens are available, the enrollment will be created without an associated token.)

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