Staff - Creating Makeup Tokens

Permissions for Manually Creating/Editing/Deleting Makeup Tokens

There are three staff permissions related to makeup tokens:

  • Create Makeup Tokens – determines whether or not a staff member can manually create makeup tokens. (Enabling this also grants permission to the staff member to edit existing tokens.)
  • Delete Makeup Tokens – determines whether or not a staff member can manually delete makeup tokens
  • Create Makeup Enrollments Without Tokens – determines whether or not a staff member can manually create a makeup enrollment without a corresponding makeup token. (Note: This permission does not have any effect on creating makeup enrollments if Makeup Tokens are completely disabled under SETTINGS>MAKEUP TOKENS.)

Creating Makeup Tokens When Cancelling a Class

When cancelling a class, there is an option asking whether you wish to create makeup tokens for the students enrolled in that class.

To cancel a class:

  • From the CLASSES page, locate the class that needs to be cancelled.
  • Click the Attendance icon (checkmark) to the left of the class name to open the Attendance view.
  • Click on the date for which the class needs to be cancelled.
  • Click Cancel for this day.
  • In the next screen, enable/disable the option to create makeup tokens (as needed).
  • Click YES to cancel the class.


Creating Makeup Tokens for an Individual Student

  • From the STUDENTS page, locate the student who needs to have a makeup token issued.
  • Click the Attendance icon (checkmark) to the left of the student’s name to open the Attendance view.
  • Click Makeup Tokens.
  • Click the Create Makeup Token button.
  • Fill in the appropriate details for the token.
    • Location is optional. For accounts with multiple locations, choosing a Location will lock the token for use at that particular Location (unless settings allow otherwise). If you do not choose any Location, the token can be used anywhere.
    • Choose a Program if you want to associate the token with classes in a particular Program.
    • Comment is optional. However, keep in mind that parents may be able to see comments depending on your setting under SETTINGS>MAKEUP TOKENS>Show makeup token comments on Parent Portal.
    • Issue Date will be set automatically to use the current date. Update this if needed.
    • Expiration Date (which acts as a use/redeem by date) will be set automatically based on the setting under SETTINGS>MAKEUP TOKENS>Auto-expire makeup tokens. Update this if needed.
    • Never Expire will set the token to have no expiration date.
    • Choose whether or not to send a notification email to the parent.
  • Click Add Another if you need to create multiple tokens. When you have finished, click the Create [#] Token(s) button.  (Note that this button may say “Create [#] Token(s)” or “Create [#] Token(s) & Send [#] Email(s)” depending on how many tokens you are creating/notification emails are being sent.)

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