Family Policies

Before having customers login to use the parent portal, it is important to set up your family policies in iClassPro. All customers are required to electronically agree to family policies when creating new family and students online.

Creating and Editing Family Policies

The family policy agreements can be found by accessing the User Panel at the top right of the screen and navigating to Settings>Family Policies. Here, you will find the policies are split into 3 separate sections of “Rules, Terms and Conditions”, “Waiver” and “Billing Authorization”.

When finished editing these areas, click “Save Settings”. Saving a new policy or changes to a policy will create a new version. At that point in time, all customers which sign into the parent portal will be required to agree to the new version.

If a policy is edited, you will be given the option to send an email to notify families that a new policy has been created and provide a link to the Parent Portal so they can log in and review/accept it.


Clicking YES at this prompt will launch an Email Blast window that automatically selects all active families to receive the email and loads the "Policy Update" email template. (This email template can be customized under SETTINGS>SETUP>GENERAL SETTINGS>EMAIL TEMPLATES>ICLASSPRO>”Policy Update”.)


PRO TIP! Navigating away from the family policies page without saving changes will result in those changes being lost.


Default Policies:

You may find some example text already in these fields. This is to provide a hypothetical example of the types of content you may wish to include in each section. These example policies are not intended to take the place of your businesses’ policies and should be immediately replaced with your own business policies and procedures after seeking any appropriate legal advice and before asking customers to agree to those policies as a part of registration.


About Rules, Terms and Conditions

This area is provided to allow your staff to have the family review and agree to certain requirements of your facility. Items you may wish to cover here are drop, makeup and trial procedures, arrival and pickup rules and other general facility related items.

About the Waiver

The waiver area is a good place to cover liability topics and insurance requirements.

About the Billing Authorization

The billing authorization area should cover all items which are billing related. This includes the types of expected fees that customers can incur (anniversary/registration fees, tuition amounts, team participation fees, uniforms etc), a description of standard billing periods/frequencies/procedures, how stored payment information will be utilized by staff, cancellation policies, refund policies, etc.

In the case of a dispute regarding payment, card brands and banks will look for clearly defined policies on standard billing practices which the customer has agreed to such as “No Refunds” or “All Sales are Final”. There is certain verbiage that they often look for in this agreement for it to hold credibility against a customers’ fraudulent charge claims. Where possible, these policies should also be listed on your website.

For more information about card brand rules and chargebacks, visit:


Our staff makes it a priority to provide features which enable businesses to comply with legal requirements for online registration. However, it is important to note that iClassPro, Inc. and its employees are not able to provide your business with legal advice in a professional capacity. If you have any questions regarding laws or regulations that may apply to your business, your business must consult a professional attorney for appropriate answers.


Reviewing Family Policy Agreements

You can review a family’s current policy version by editing the family record (clicking the pencil icon next to the family on the Families page) and then clicking on the Policies tab.

The "Accept Manually" button will not appear unless the staff member has been granted permission to "Allow Policy Approval/Rejection."   This permission can be granted on a per-user basis by editing their Advanced Permissions, or to an entire User Group under SETTINGS>SETUP>STAFF SETTINGS>USER GROUPS.

Accepted policies are displayed in green. Which version has been accepted, as well as the time and date of acceptance are shown. A history log follows displaying the same information along with the method of acceptance.


To print an agreement, click the version number and either print from your browser or choose PDF to store the file to your computer before printing.

It is important to note that the time of acceptance will be reflected as UTC (+0000).  Depending on your time zone, this may make the actual date of acceptance different than the date shown in the audit log, which will reflect the actual local date/time of acceptance. (Older copies of printed acceptance forms may reflect the date/time shown in the audit log.)

Policies that have not been accepted are displayed in red. If you allow customers to accept policies by other means than the Parent Portal, you can easily click the Accept Manually button.


Family Policies Filter

A filter option is also available on the Families page so that you can quickly distinguish who has and who hasn't accepted your policies. This makes it much more convenient to contact these families.

To find customers which are currently attending your business but do not have a valid policy on file, filter the families page by the status “Active”, then under All Policy Acceptances, choose the option Never Accepted.


If you find any families without a waiver, don't delay! Use the handy Select All feature and send the following note:

Hello [[family_first]],

According to our records, we don't have a current family policy record on file for your account. Please help us by logging into your account at your earliest convenience.

Once you log in you will be prompted to accept the latest polices.

We appreciate your prompt attention regarding this matter!

Your Awesome School


Printing Family Policy Reports 

In addition to the search feature on the family page and the ability to view and print individual policies on the family’s record, there are two more reports in iClassPro to help your business track policies. To find these reports, navigate to Reports>Families.

The Policy Report (FAM-9) will allow you print blank copies of policy versions so that customers can sign them in person for manual acceptance. After collecting their signature, be sure to store the agreement on file safely for future reference.


The Family Policy Agreement (FAM-11) will allow you to print a list of families with their current acceptance status. Filters include enrollment status, program (for those enrolled in a particular program), class (for those enrolled in a particular class), custom keywords and agreed status. The results of this report will be a list with the primary and second guardian from the accounts, primary phone number, email address and the family’s agreement status.



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