Student Policies in the Parent Portal

If your business chooses not to implement any student policies, then the student policies will not be referenced during the parent portal experience.

If your business does choose to implement student policies, there are several areas which will be impacted by this change. Similar to family policies, student policies which are visible to customers must be addressed by customers prior to submitting payments or enrolling online.

Any required student policies should also have the "Show On Web" option enabled.  If you have required a policy and it is not set to "Show on Web," parents will not be able to complete the enrollment process as they will not be able to see the policy to accept it. 

Portal Procedure for Existing Students:

For those customers which already have students entered into iClassPro at the time that student policies are added or edited, they will encounter any active student policies set to be visible to customers the next time they log in online.

The customer will be automatically directed to the first student’s first new policy:



The student that this policy applies to is listed at shown in the chosen portal theme color above the policy name and content. At the bottom of the policy, the customer will have the option to Accept or Reject it.

If a policy is required for enrollment to take place in the parent portal, the customer will see a note at the bottom of the policy, above the accept and reject buttons.


If there are multiple student policies that need to be accepted or rejected, the next one will be immediately displayed. If there are multiple students, all policies will be reviewed for one student before the next student’s policies are presented.

Once all policies have been addressed for each student, the portal will provide an overview of the status for the current students and their policy statuses. This is the default view if the customer clicks on the new “Student Policies” section of the Parent Portal.



Customers can come here at any time to view the list of student policies and their current acceptance status. They can also click View next to a specific student policy to see the policy itself. Unlike family policies, here they will also have the ability to change their acceptance status at any time.


Any rejections to student policy agreements made through the parent portal will be reported through online activity. A new "Policies" activity type has been added to the online activity window to help staff identify and review these rejections.



An audit log entry is also created to help provide a timeline of changes on the student account.



Student Policies when Creating New Students

When creating new students from the students page in the parent portal, the workflow will be slightly different for businesses which have implemented student policies.

In the parent portal, click on Students to create a new student. After clicking “Add Another Student”, the customer will be required to either accept or reject all policies for the new student prior to entering the student’s information.


If it is a required policy, customers will see the following additional notice at the top of the page:


Once the policies are agreed to, the customer can add the student details.

Enrolling Students Who Have Not Accepted Required Policies

If a family has created their students, but they have rejected any policies that require acceptance – they will not be able to enroll the students with the rejected status until that rejection is updated to an acceptance. Customers will be given an indication next to the student’s name in the enrollment information and a link to take them to the problem policy to change their status.


Once the required student policy has been agreed to, enrollment can proceed for that student by navigating back to the Classes or Camps list and selecting “Enroll Now” next to the class or camp again.

Because policy acceptances/rejections can be updated at any time, it is possible for a family to accept a required policy, create an enrollment, and then edit the policy to reject it. Staff members should monitor Online Activity for policy rejection notifications if this is a concern.

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