Intro to Student Policies

The Student Policies feature (under Settings>Student Policies) is optional and works in addition to the family policy agreement (under Settings>Family Policies).

Student Policies allow your business to get signed policies for individual students or athletes – such as photo permissions, participation requirements, code of conduct policies and more!

NOTE: If your business chooses not to use the student policy features, staff members and customers’ experiences will not be impacted.



Key Features:

Student policies can be created for internal use only or used in conjunction with online registration to collect policy agreements, where the policies must be accepted or rejected for each student.

Student policies can be created as optional (customer can accept or reject with no impact) or acceptance can be required (signals staff of missing required agreements when enrolling students or taking attendance and requires that the policy is accepted to enable the student to be enrolled online).

Policies can also be marked as inactive to phase them out and to allow staff members to remove any requirements while they work on revisions. Only Active policies will be enforced throughout the application. 

By editing the family or student, staff members can also review the policy section of the record and mark student policies as accepted manually (indicating that a written agreement has been collected and stored on file). If the policy is set to be visible to customers online, the parent portal will still ask the family to sign the electronic version of the agreement the next time they log in.

A full history of agreement status for the student can be found under the student’s record by clicking on the new Policies tab. Reporting and filter capabilities have also been included.


Special Photo Waiver Functionality

Each iClassPro account will start off with a specially designed student policy for a photo waiver. This policy is directly tied to the ability for staff members to take, upload and view student photos throughout iClassPro and cannot be removed from the software. For those businesses which may need consent to utilize student photos in any capacity (even internally) due to legal reasons, this new policy should be implemented to allow this functionality.

Setting this policy to active will immediately hide all student images and render new image taking for students impossible until the customers accept the student policy. Once accepted, the images for that student will display as normal and new images are able to be taken from the staff portal and uploaded by staff members onto student records. If a customer chooses to reject the policy, their student photo will not be able to be taken, uploaded or displayed inside of the iClassPro software.

By default, this new photo waiver policy is NOT active and will not impact the use of student images in iClassPro.


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