Email Blast Delivery Status Definitions

Following the migration of all accounts to Amazon hosting at the end of 2017, we now have improved tracking of Email Blasts to let you know how many of your customers are receiving them, how many are opening and interacting with them, and how many are being marked as invalid/not being delivered.

When your email has finished sending, you will find a document labeled "Email Blast :: SUBJECT OF YOUR EMAIL"  in your background tasks. This document will contain information about what was included in the email and who was contacted (as well as any unsubscribed or failed email addresses), along with one of six Status indicators:

  • Sent - the email is in the queue to be sent.
  • Delivery - means the Email Blast been delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, but they have not opened it.
  • Open - means the recipient has opened the Email Blast (this requires the client to allow images).
  • Click - means a link was clicked within the Email Blast.
  • Bounce – – the Email Blast arrived at the customer’s inbox but was rejected by that inbox. This message is only delivered if the system encountered what is referred to as a “hard bounce”, which means that one of several factors has made the email address unable to be delivered to. This could be that the email address was mis-typed or the domain name ( is invalid, or that delivery has been blocked completely for the recipient email server.

NOTE: If the email encounters a soft bounce, the email server will attempt to resend the email the allowable number of times. The status of the email to that recipient will remain as "Sent" until it can be delivered or it is rejected as a hard bounce. Items that may trigger a “soft bounce” include if the inbox is full or the recipient’s email server is down or temporarily offline.

  • Invalid - the email address has had a hard bounce in the past or has been previously rejected by the recipient as spam. Once a response of “Invalid” is received, iClassPro will no longer send Email Blasts to that address.


Each time you open the Email Blast document from your background tasks, the status indicators will update.


Note: This document will remain in your background tasks until it is deleted or 60 days pass, at which point it will be automatically cleared. Therefore, you may wish to download and save this document for your records within 60 days of it being sent.

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