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Attention Firefox Users!

Update: Sept. 23

We are pleased to announce that the issues with Firefox 49 that were affecting iClassPro have now been resolved. If you used any of the workarounds mentioned in this post as a result of these issues, you may now go back to using Firefox if you wish.

We have become aware that following the update to Firefox 49 (released Sept 20), certain areas in iClassPro are not working.  As we work to remedy this, you have a few options:  


A. Prevent Firefox 49 Update

If you are still on Firefox 48 (check your version), you can prevent the Firefox 49 update by following the instructions:

Click on the menu icon  and click on Preferences.


Click on the Advanced menu on the left column, then click on the Update tab, and finally click on "Never check for updates".  Your setting will save automatically.



B. Revert Back to Firefox 48 AND Disable Updates

If you have already updated to Firefox 49, you can roll back to Firefox 48.  To do this, download and install Firefox 48 on your PC or Mac:

  • Download Firefox on Mac
  • Download Android on Mac


After installing Firefox 48, you will need to refer to the steps in option "A" above to prevent you from automatically updating to Firefox 49 again.


C.  Use Google Chrome

Download and install Google Chrome.

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