Policy Agreements

We realize the importance of having policies and even more so, the importance of being able to see that your families have accepted these polices.


Whereas previously it was not immediately apparent that a family had a written acceptance on file, iClassPro now treats all policy acceptance equally, and marking that a family has accepted a written policy will satisfy the "current version accepted" check. This makes it easier to see at a glance who has accepted your policies, no matter what the format!



Accepted policies are displayed in green. Which version has been accepted, as well as the time and date of acceptance are shown. A history log follows displaying the same information along with the method of acceptance.



Policies that have not been accepted are displayed in red. If you allow customers to accept policies by other means than the Parent Portal, you can easily click the Accept Manually button.




A filter option has also been added to the Families tab so that you can quickly distinguish who has and who hasn't accepted your policies. This makes it much more convenient to contact these families.




Do you have families with children in classes that have never signed a waiver?

With the new policy filter, it is quick and easy to find out. Simply log in to your iClassPro account and go to Families tab and select the following filters:

Active >> All Policy Acceptances >> Never Accepted




If you find any families without a waiver, don't delay.

Use the handy Select All feature and send the following note:


Hello [[family_first]],

According to our records, we don't have a current participation release on file for your child. Please help us by logging in to your account at your earliest convenience.

Once you log in you will be prompted to accept the latest polices.

We appreciate your prompt attention regarding this matter.

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