Friendly Checkout Process

The next time your customers go through the checkout process, they will be greeted with friendly tips to make sure they make it all the way through the registration process!

STEP 1: After adding enrollments to their cart, the customer can choose Proceed to Checkout.


STEP 2: They will then be taken to the shopping cart overview, which will also add any registration fee which may be due for the family or student. It also details any savings the customer is getting from discounts.


OPTIONAL STEP: Depending on your settings, if you require stored payment information to be submitted during checkout, your customers could be asked to update saved payment information on file.

Adding this payment information is NOT the same as paying for an enrollment. And customers that do not complete the steps that follow would NOT be enrolled.


Our New Reminders System Starts Here

To avoid confusion after the stored payment step, we added friendly prompts at the top of the screen.

STEP 3: The next screen the customer sees is the payment preview screen for the enrollments in the shopping cart. To keep customers from navigating away, we added the green reminder at the top of the screen.

STEP 4: Next, the customer is given the final checkout price and the option to process the payment by clicking Complete Transaction.

STEP 5: Last but not least is the confirmation page that customers can choose to print for their records.

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