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Receipt Options and Workflow

By popular request, we have revamped the receipt workflow for payment processing.

No More Forgetting to Check the Option to Print a Receipt!

Saving a payment now gives staff members a prompt to encourage them to ask whether customers would like a physical or emailed copy of a receipt from the transaction. We highly recommend using at least one of these options for each payment.

NEW! Default Receipt Printing Settings

Want to set a default action for your staff to avoid extra clicks? Now you can! 

Settings > Transactions > Configure Receipt Options

Under your settings, in the Receipt Options area, you can choose whether to print and/or email receipts by default for transactions.

You will also notice a separate Credit Card Transactions area, which will allow you to default whether to print a customer copy and/or a merchant copy (for signature) of the receipt after taking a credit card payment.

NOTE: The default options you choose in this window will change what fields are selected by default in the new receipt prompt. Your staff members will still have the option to select any variety of actions at the time of the transaction based on feedback from your customer.



Lastly, the Footer Text is your opportunity to add custom text to the bottom of the receipt to inform your customers about promotions, customer service surveys, business reviews, social media channels and more! It's also a great place to thank them for their business! 

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