Terminal Help / Manually Settling a Batch

Most of our terminals automatically settle, however, if you need to settle the batch manually, you can follow the instructions below. 

Settling a Batch

Terminal Display Your Action

Idle Screen

Press [Enter]

1 - Sale

2 - Return

3 - Void

4 - Force

Select Settlement

1 - Credit/Debit/EBT

2 - Check

Select Credit/Debit/EBT option

Close Batch and Deposit Funds?

Yes      No

Select [Yes] to continue, or select [No] to cancel

Removing Stale Pre Auth

Please Wait

Open Pre-auth transactions are reversed

Sales      $xxx.xx

Refunds  $xxx.xx

Total       $xxx.xx

Accept      Cancel

Select [Yes] to confirm the settlement total, or select [No] to cancel
Connecting... Terminal connects to host for settlement

Need More Assistance?

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