Special Topic: Autopay Discounts

iClassPro does not have a way to automatically create tuition discounts for customers with stored payment information on file. However, there are a few ways to use other iClassPro features to effectively create the same scenario, depending on your needs. 

Issuing Credits Approach

The Transactions>Credits feature can be used to apply a credit for a specific dollar amount to customers with stored payment information (autopay) information on file. This credit can be applied either once per family, once per student or once per enrollment at a flat rate. This task will be done after creating tuition charges and before applying unapplied payments/credits or drafting payment.

Recommended filters:
Add a name for the credit, choose the credit type, enter the date for the credit to be issued (current date), the amount of the credit and choose the method of applying the credit (who gets it? 1 per family, 1 per student, 1 per enrollment).

Next,  toggle the option "Only where families have outstanding charges"
Expand Any AutoPay Method and select the stored payment methods that should receive the credit to reduce their account balance.
Select one or more Charge Categories to distinguish which families are eligible for credit based on the charge categories they have been billed with.
Add Enrollment Filters to specify which enrolled customers are eligible for the credit. 

Potential Drawbacks: A credit can only be given by dollar amount, not a percentage. And if the dollar amount of the discount varies from group to group - the task will have to be run once for every price point.

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Special Family Discounts Approach

You can utilize one of the built-in special family discounts (Member, Employee or Service) to provide a dollar or percentage amount off of families which have stored payment information on file. The amount or percentage of the discount is entered into the Discount Schedule used by the classes the students are enrolled in (connected either through the Program or directly to the Class using an override). Then each family's record must be edited to receive the discount. 

Potential Drawbacks: Manual upkeep is required when customers add or remove payment information or that information expires or cannot be processed for other reasons.

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Early Bird Discounts Approach

Some customers use Early Bird Discounts when creating Global Tuition Charges to discount the tuition prices that are created for a limited period of time (early bird discounts are intended to reward customers for early payment)- then the business processes all customers with stored payment information before that time expires.

To do this, the early bird discount amount or percentage is entered into the Discount Schedule used by the classes the students are enrolled in (connected either through the Program or directly to the Class using an override).  Then, the date that customers must pay by to receive the discount must be set from the Class Tuition Charges filters when creating the tuition charges. The date entered as the early bird date is the date that all the charges revert to the full amount. 

Potential Drawbacks: Other customers who pay within this time frame will also receive this discount. 

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