Why was the ledger system updated?

Employee Accountability & Accessing Historical Records

iClassPro’s re-design of the ledger system gives businesses a clearer picture of their finances and the record keeping practices of employees.

We have spent more than a year detailing and bringing to life changes that improve the performance (speed of tasks and reports), functionality (capabilities and ease of use) and security (enhanced action and user tracking) within the financial aspects of iClassPro.

Throughout these changes, improvements to the bank deposit report and program deposit split report have become the most evident resources of new and useful information.

Deleted Funds Tracking

The inclusion of deleted funds on the bank deposit report allows business owners to keep an eye out for suspicious activity or simple human error that might result in a bad customer experience. Previously, deleted payments simply disappeared from the system- including historical reports that accountants used to reconcile accounts.

Now, deleted funds are made apparent and the historical records of when the payment was recorded and how it was used before it was deleted, are preserved. The information in the bank deposit report can be used to search the audit log and find which employee made the changes.

Full Payment History Tracking

The inclusion of the adjustments and details sections on the program deposit split report provides a more detailed account of how payments were recorded and then handled inside the system to help answer questions posed by accountants, book keepers and customers.

Previously, if a payment had been applied to once, then un-applied and applied somewhere else, all records would indicate that it had always been applied to the most recent charge. But that left room for questions about what happened and when that could only be vaguely answered by audit log entries.

Now, staff members can use a program deposit split report over the full date range in question with the “Show Payment and Adjustment Details” option checked to see a timeline detailing how a payment was handled over the course of time. This information can be used to search the audit log and find the parties responsible for changes.

Future Improvements

These changes have also prepared the back end of the software for future improvements, such as partial refunds. As we are converting customers over to the new ledger, we are also finalizing a new user interface that will allow us to accommodate some of the more modern web technologies required to make some of our most requested improvements.

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