Booking a Party- Parent Portal

For your convenience, booking parties in both the staff side of iClassPro and from the Parent Portal have been streamlined into a single, step by step process! This article will cover booking a party as a customer over the Parent Portal online from your website!

New and existing customers will use the same 5-Step booking process!

Step 1: Pick your Day

  1. Select a Date.
  2. Review available Stations.
  3. Click on an available Time Slot for the desired station. (The buttons are dimmed for unavailable times.)


Note: Click More Details next to the station name to view the full description of a station (below).


Step 2: Pick a Package

Choose Package

  1. Browse the available party packages.
  2. Click Choose on the party package that’s right for the desired party experience. 

Choose Add-On's

  1. Review Available Add-on items to enhance or customize the party experience.
  2. Enter a Quantity for a desired item based on the price and description.
  3. Click Add underneath that quantity. The page will reload to reflect the changes.
  4. Review the updated Order  Summary at the top of the screen.
  5. Repeat for any additional add-ons.
  6. Click Continue Booking.

Step 3: Personal Info

If your customer is not already signed into the portal, this is where they will be asked to either Login or Create an Account.

If the customer creates an account, they will be given a short account form which requires only their first and last name, phone number, email address, and a password. Then they will be asked to agree to your policies.

After successfully logging in or creating an account, the customer will be asked to verify it’s the correct account and click Continue.

Step 4: Party Details

In this step, the customer provides the Party Details. Some basic information will Auto-Fill from their family account.

  1. Your Party so Far gives a brief description of your party selections. NOTE: Click on the linked text in this section or the steps listed at the top of the screen to navigate to past steps
  2. Number of Guests must be filled in to continue. The capacity is listed for convenience.
  3. Group/Party Nickname is the Party Name your staff will be able to search from the parties page for quick reference.
  4. Contact is the name, phone number and email listed for staff to contact regarding the party.
  5. Person of Honor is the person(s) the party is being held for.
  6. Additional Information is where the customer booking the party can supply any extra notes about the party for staff members.
  7. Agree to Waiver Requirement is the acknowledgement text from the parties settings. This must be checked to view the continue booking button.
  8. Click Continue Booking.

Step 5: Review and Pay

The last step in the party booking process is to review the full party details and submit payment for either the deposit amount or the full amount of the party fees (right).

Note: If any information needs to be changed, the customer can click on the step at the top of the page where that info was collected during booking. The customer must then complete all consecutive steps to come back to the review page.

  1. Review the Party Details and the Price Calculation.
  2. Choose to pay for the Full Amount or just the Deposit.
  3. Select a Form of Payment and enter the Payment Information.
  4. Click Complete Booking.

If the booking is successful, the customer will receive a confirmation message (below), followed by the confirmation email (from party settings) at the contact’s email address.



When a party is booked through the parent portal, the emails listed in the customer and the staff members listed in the BCC settings will receive a copy of the confirmation email. Also, a notification will appear in Online Activity for both the payment and the party booking!



Next Step: Learn about Booking!

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