Viewing and Searching for Parties

After taking the time to go through and set up your party settings, it's time to see the rewards of your hard work!

Parties can be viewed by staff members from the Parties Page and by customers the "Book a Party" section in your Customer Portal.

From the Parties Page (Staff Side)

Navigate to the Parties page. From here, you can see all of the bookings created by your party stations and time slots. Try using the filters on the left to see availability by station, time, date or day of the week. Once you book a party, you can search for the party name in the Search Parties field!


Enabling Parties in the Customer Portal

To activate the “Book a Party!” option on the Customer Portal, enable "Show Parties and Allow Parents to Register for Them" under SETTINGS>CUSTOMER PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS. 

From the Customer Portal (Customer Side)

One of the many perks of the new iPartyPro module is that the new party module moves the entire party booking experience into a single 5-step booking process through the Customer Portal! Availability is Step 1!

To begin, customers will click on Book a Party from the BOOKINGS are of the Customer Portal. If they are not logged in, the system will prompt them to either log in or create an account to continue.

Once logged in, they will begin the Party Booking Process by choosing a Date from the calendar.


Next Step: Learn about Booking!

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