Create Party Packages

Party packages communicate each of the unique party experiences the business has to offer. One or more packages must be attached to each available station. 

For example:

Basic Booking might simply reserve the space for the party, but does not require additional setup by your staff ($100).

Super Party Experience includes access to special equipment and a party supervisor ($175).

Deluxe Party Experience reserves the space, the special equipment and supervisor, plus a keepsake package for ($250).

Each of these experiences would be created as a separate package (pictured below)


Under party settings, expand the Stations menu and click on New Package to begin.

Details Tab

  1. Active determines whether or not this package is currently available.
  2. Name the package. Staff members and customers will see this descriptive title when booking a party.
  3. Package Image (available only after saving) is a great place to display a picture of an example party or items included in the package
  4. Price is the base cost of the package, including all of the items in the package description and a set number of guests.
  5. Deposit Only Price is the price this package will charge if only a deposit amount is immediately required to book a party online. If left blank, parties will always use the full price for online booking. If a deposit price is included, customers will have the option to pay the deposit or pay in full. If you uncheck Allow Pay in Full, the deposit will be the only payment option at checkout.
  6. Number of Guests Included is the maximum number of guests included in the base price of the package.
  7. Price per Additional Guest allows the customer to enter additional guest reservations for an added cost per guest, up to the capacity of the station.
  8. Tax Rate is a taxable amount to be applied to the total party package cost (including additional guests).
  9. Description is a text area used to describe what this party package includes and to provide some sales oriented verbiage.

Stations Tab

  10.  Select the stations to be linked to this package. 

Repeat these steps for all available party packages. Remember to save the settings!

Note: If party packages are not attached to stations, they will not be available in the parent portal.

Next Step: Create Party Add-Ons

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