iPartyPro Activation and Staff Access

Reviewing Billing Changes

The iPartyPro module costs an additional fee per location in addition to the regular iClassPro subscription rate. To activate and purchase iPartyPro, contact iClassPro support. 

Once iPartyPro has been enabled, it will be listed in the billing info section under Settings > Billing Information.


Giving Staff Access

Once iPartyPro has been activated, the business owner or an admin user must give permissions for additional staff users in other user groups to access the parties information. 

User Permissions

To give a user group these permissions, go to Settings > Setup > Staff Settings > User Groups and edit the user group. Parties have three levels of access to adjust, which are:

  • Application Access- gives the user the ability to access iPartyPro.
  • Page Access- gives the user access to the parties page in account navigation and to the settings to add party options.
  • Task Access- split into two settings, establishes the level of control the user has over parties in the parties page. Choose to give the user permission to simply view or to edit and create bookings. Then, choose whether or not the user can delete or disable party slots.

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Get the iPartyPro User Manual Here

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