Create Party Stations

After you have created all of your time slots, you must now create available party spaces called Stations to attach them to for creating bookings. If you only have one party space, create a generic party station such as “Party Room” or “Gym.” 

Under party settings, expand the Stations menu and click on New Station to begin. 

Details Tab

  1. Active determines whether or not the station is currently available for booking online and from the parties page.
  2. Name the space being created. This name will display in the parent portal.
  3. Station Image is where a picture of the space (or a promotional image) can be uploaded for display. 
  4. Capacity defines the maximum number of party goers for the space. This is not the same as the max number of attendees.
  5. Short Description is used to display a brief description of the space in the Parent Portal when scanning available stations and times.
  6. Description is the full descriptive text that staff members and customers will be able to see by clicking a link for More Details.

Time Slots Tab

       7.  Select time slots available for this station.

­Repeat these steps for all available party stations at the facility. Remember to save the settings! 


Note: Time slots must be attached to stations to create available bookings visible online and from the parties page.

Next Step: Create Party Packages!

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