iPartyPro Settings and Navigation

There are three major components of the iPartyPro module; the parties page, the parties section of settings, and the parent portal. Each of these sections of the add-on module have a unique purpose.

Parties Page

Once the party module has been activated, the parties page button will appear in the navigation bar! This is where staff members will view and book parties. Before parties appear here, the party settings need to be edited.



Parties Settings

The settings for parties are located under a new section at Settings > Parties. Completing these settings is an essential step in order to create available party bookings and custom party options. 

  • Time Slots - define available party times for each party station.
  • Stations - unique party spaces available for booking at the facility.
  • Packages - describe the party experience the customer is purchasing.
  • Add-ons - optional items that are attached to packages to up-sell the party experience.
  • Financial - dictates how party income is tracked within the iClassPro software and displayed on financial reports. 
  • Other - customize the waiver, lead time for online booking and confirmation emails.

Note: With the menu expanded, drag and drop the listed options under stations, packages and add-ons to reflect the order you wish to see them listed on the portal!

Parties on the Parent Portal

Parties have a dedicated section of the Parent Portal with special filters. Once parties are enabled in the Parent Portal, all parties that are not already booked or disabled will show online as seen below.

To activate the parties module on the Parent Portal, under Settings > Parent Portal > General you must choose to "Show Parties and Allow Parents to Register for Them." 



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